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Brand Presentations

Brand Presentations

Amanda Wagner Brand Presentation - Revisions 1



Amanda Wagner is a bold communicator and educator. She impacts individuals and groups of any size, from single digits to the tens of thousands through speaking engagements, video series, email marketing and publications. She covers a wide range of topics relating to life, learning and the normalities of being human in an impactful, authentic and thoughtful way.

Target Audience

Amanda Wagner serves audiences in their mid-20s to late 40s, with a slight skew towards female audiences. They are individuals always looking to achieve the best they can and are looking to cope with change in their personal and professional lives to feel empowered in the journey. They are critical thinkers who are capable of addressing problem areas but need inspiration, motivation and a push to find those actionable solutions for themselves or their teams. Amanda Wagner caters to three key audience segments: 

  • Individuals who are interested in self-development and need external validation, support and guidance 

  • Corporate leaders who are looking to inspire, motivate and empower their teams in an authentic way 

  • Conference organizers who are seeking an authentic, impactful and high-status speaker 

Initial Project Sketches

Initial Project Sketches



Primary & Secondary Logos

Amanda Wagner empowers, inspires, engages and excites individuals, groups and teams with actionable solutions for improvement and change. She connects with them in an authentic, and impactful way by sharing her wholehearted advice, experience and expertise which in turn allows her audience to easily relate and feel validated in their struggles and challenges.

The logo is a hand-written script font based of Amanda’s full signature. Adjustments were made to increase legibility and scalability to maximize its impact as a brand mark. The hand-written font and subtle details to the lettering reflect the relatable, realistic and authentic elements of the Amanda Wagner brand. By rendering the lettering with clean and consistent monoline weight, the wordmark reflects the professional, established and modern components of the brand. The lettering contains subtle vintage and art-deco inspired elements and therefor embodies the timeless, classic and lasting qualities of the brand.

To support the brand, various secondary marks have been created to ensure maximum flexibility and versatility, much like Amanda’s qualities in customizing and tailoring messages for her audience.

As a whole, the clean edges of the brand reflects qualities of Amanda being a professional and established leader, expert and educator. The hand-rendered elements tie in the approachable, welcoming and down-to-earth aspects of the brand.



To support the hand-lettered wordmark, a bold, condensed sans-serif font has been used to reflect the bold and confident aspects of the brand. In addition to this, a slightly condensed wedge serif font has been used to represent the timeless and impactful elements, while also pulling inspiration from The Complement’s brand and the brand patterns.


The colour palette reflects the bold, confident, empowering and impactful elements of the Amanda Wagner brand by using neutral, high-contrast colours. This limited, monochromatic palette also represents the timeless and classic qualities of the brand.




Photography, graphic elements and patterns are a unique opportunity to channel a brand's essence into something that will take the identity to the next level. Through this application, you can envision how the color, type, photography and logo all come together as a cohesive brand. These images are only mockups to help you imagine the brand in context.

To support the brand, clean, hand-drawn patterns have been integrated to represent the organic, human connection component of the brand. The patterns are iterations of The Complement’s brand patterns, which subtly unites the two. The pattern itself also contains abstract “A”s, “W”s, “N”s and other letters within Amanda’s name all coming together in the same way audiences do to hear Amanda communicate. The patterns allow for exciting textures–whether on printed pieces or web related items. They can be used as an extra detail to simply draw the eye in.

The brand elements are meant to be used in a dynamic, ever-changing way, much like the Amanda Wagner brand. The elements are meant to overlap on one another in the same way a variety of audiences come together to hear Amanda’s messages, or in the way that stories of individuals overlap with Amanda’s.

Overall, the brand identity reflects a welcoming, human and relatable feel while also conveying qualities of professionalism, expertise and timelessness.

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