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Introducing: YEG Designers - An online Community for Edmonton Designers

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Connecting and Networking with Local Edmonton Designers online.

A few years ago, I started freelancing full time and working from home. Within a month of working from home after being in an open-concept studio environment, I realized working from home was a lonely and tricky thing.

There were no longer other designers around that could laugh at punny design jokes, gawk at new corporate rebrands for large organizations, and bounce feedback off one another.

That’s where I decided to start the YEG Designers Slack Group.

Although it was originally for designers working from home or in isolated environments, it became apparent that it needed to include all designers.

Slowly over the years, we’ve been growing here and there adding designers whenever I remembered to (so sorry if I took a month to add you). It wasn’t until recently that I decided to open it up to all designers and create a darn signup form so people can sign themselves up!

We’re all in the same community, seeing each other on a regular basis, so why not get connected and have conversations on a regular basis.

What is the YEG Designers Slack Group?

The YEG Designers Slack group is a community of designers and freelancers who work in isolated offices or from home, or who are just looking for a way to connect with other designers in Edmonton! It’s a space to ask silly questions, share inspiration, events, etc.

Who’s allowed to be in the online community?

Designers and design students based out of Edmonton. It doesn’t matter if you work in-house, at a studio, agency or freelance, you’ll feel right at home! We' currently have just under 70 designers in our group! Some of which are students, studio owners, freelancers, creative directors, etc.

This group is currently only for designers. If you’re another type of creative working in the digital world within Edmonton, I definitely recommend checking out the Digital Edmonton Slack!

How do I sign up?

Head to the YEG Designers page on my site for info: