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Boss Tip No. 5: Treat Yourself as a Client

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There’s always a client or project more important than working on “internal” items. But the thing is, those internal items are what get the projects and clients. They should have just as much priority as some of that client work if you want to keep the ball rolling on your business.

Normal Natasia would just sneak in some website updates and blog posts here and there and never really get anything done (ie. my blog for the first part of 2018). Everyone kept telling me it helps to treat yourself as a client and I never really understood it, until I literally emailed myself.

Step 1: Be the Client

I know what you’re thinking, “Email yourself? Well that sounds silly.”

Yes and no. Doing this helped me independently take the “client” role as well as the “designer” role. So what did I do? I went to my contact page (of my own site) and sent an email to Natasia Designs as though I were asking someone else to do the work for me. It looked something like this:

I'm contacting Natasia Designs because...: I need a website!

Message: Hi there, 

I just thought I'd get in touch because I need some help updating my website. It's a Squarespace website which looks like it's something you specialize in! What a WIN! Here's a list of the things I need you to update. I'd like to have them done in the next month or so and my budget is roughly $2,000.


  • I need to update the featured projects. Remove Firstline and replace it with a newer website - likely Workshop or Loop. For the brochure and poster, I'd like to add a new project - Momentum or even this year's music materials.

  • Blog feed - I'd like the blog to have hover states - grey.

  • I'd like there to be a button or link that says view all posts

  • Overall: I'm kinda sick of my brand font Tisa since there's no italics in the font. Hook me up with a new one?


    Thanks so much. Let me know if this is something you can squeeze in, thanks!


How did you hear about me?: Referral

To prove you're human, select which of these isn't a dessert: Pepperoni Pizza

Step 2: Be the Designer

Now you probably think I’m crazy. Well I’m not, because guess what!? On the designer side of things I got this:


OOOOO A new submission and inquiry!

From here, I continued to email myself (only a little) letting myself know that we can squeeze it in over the next couple weeks.

I then proceeded to add myself into my task management system in the same way I do for other clients. I was doing this before, but they always seemed to get bumped down and lose priority.

Why does it work?

Pretending that I was a client hiring an external designer to do the work made me see it from a different perspective. Needless to say, there’s always going to be work that needs to be done for business development, but at least having this approach helps keep things at a higher priority.

Let me know if you have a chance to try this out, or maybe you have other tips for keeping internal items a number one priority.