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Edmonton's Best Doughnuts: My Favourite Places

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Happy National Doughnut Day everyone!

In honour of this glorious holiday, I thought I would provide you with a list of my favourite Edmonton doughnut makers.

Moonshine Doughnuts

For me, my number one is Moonshine Doughnuts. The primary reason for this is that they provide gluten-free and vegan options. Now I'm not celiac or vegan but there's a lot of ingredients in the world I get sick from that are omitted in these options. So these tasty baked doughnuts are a sure-fire way to make someone happy if you aren't sure of their dietary concerns. Some of my favourite flavours are the ones with the fruity icing. YUM! You can get them at the 124 Street Market on Thursdays, and the Old Strathcona Farmer's Market and Downtown City Market on Saturdays. You can follow their Instagram for delicious posts 365 days of the year. Check it out here.

Doughnut Party

When I really don't care about proper digestion and want to go wild, I go for the good stuff at Doughnut Party. They have AMAZING doughnuts. They're fairly new to Edmonton but are killin' it in the doughnut business here. They have fresh baked doughnuts each day that are only available until they're sold out, so be sure to get there early! They have classics, but also some with a twist like rhubarb fritters and birthday cookie doughnuts. These will be the softest doughnuts you'll ever bite into. You can buy the doughnuts from their storefront just north of the main 124 Street strip. Check out their Instagram for flavour and availability updates.

Hazeldean Bakery

Now these doughnuts are enough to feed a family of four in one go. So this place has heavenly doughnuts at a great price and great size. Also, extremely soft. Another perk, you're supporting an adorable local business. I definitely recommend checking this bakery out. You can learn more here.

Your Local Grocery Store

Now don't be one of those people who just goes to Tim Horton's to get your doughnut fix. Their doughnuts are an insult to doughnuts. Overpriced, under-sized and not nearly as fresh. My next pick is always a local grocery store. The bakeries there make amazing doughnuts at a great price. I love going to the Safeway bakery and having a chat with the baker first thing in the morning. They're so peppy and love their jobs. Definitely check out your local grocery store's selection. Their doughnut game is top notch.

Well I hope this article has made you want to run out and get a doughnut today. That was my goal. Let me know if you have any other great places that I've missed. I'd love to check them out.