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Featured Project: Yellow Moon Poster

This is one of my first big illustration projects and even though it's an oldie, it's still one of my favourites. 

This poster was designed for the Studio Theatre at the University of Alberta. There were posters, postcards and playbills printed, as well as digital ads for the promotion of the play. The illustration is a stag and a man's face overlapped to identify the underlying themes and struggles of the play. The overlap captures the idea of the main characters making a transition from tame to wild; from light to darkness; and from the cold concrete urban, to the fiery rural harvest. The image is quite complex, being composed of multiples of layered elements to reflect the idea of the two main characters in search of their identity.

Natasia Designs Yellow Moon Poster Design Edmonton

I think my favourite experience for this project was getting to see the play at the end of it and see how the poster design matched the stage design.