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The Outdoor Guide

At The Met Agency, I was able to illustrate materials for Campers Village. The Outdoor Guide is an online platform that provides users with resources for the Great Outdoors. It provides guidance to customers in terms of purchases, exploring, preparedness and activities and so on. Tour Guide: The most well known 'guide' in the outdoors: a tour guide. Tour guides contain so much knowledge and expertise about the areas they are guiding. The tour guide's backpack is displayed, because typically when you walk with a guide, they are in front of you, leading the way. On the back, you can see the badges that cover all areas of expertise that The Outdoor Guide provides.

Badges: They represent the different knowledge portals that have been conquered, or are waiting for customers to conquer. Once customers make use of these portals, they then have that knowledge or 'level'.

Directional sign: As we are hiking, we can see the directional signs that point the way to different the knowledge portals available. This is inviting customers to participate in learning more about the different knowledge portals, and use them as directional guides for their outdoor adventures.