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Owl Warmers

Okay, so I apologize. I've been very awful at maintaining this blog. After I finished school, I just went wild (not in the way you'd think)! I took a long break from overworking and took some serious time for myself, giving my mind and body some serious T.L.C.! I've spent many hours rekindling my old hobbies such as sewing, cycling, gardening, DIYing and so on. I took the time to do a lot of projects that I was really interested in and very passionate about! Now I'd like to share some of them with everyone! This project I'm sharing are my Christmas gifts that I gave away this year. Many of my fellow loved ones received them (I apologize if you're sitting here thinking "What!? I didn't get one?!". They were a lot of work to make and once I made nine, I couldn't feel my hands anymore. This year for Christmas my family decided to give gifts that started with the letter "O", for "Ouellette". Although I absolutely loved getting olive oil, oven mitts, oral hygiene kits, and so on, I wanted to use this as an opportunity to make something. So I thought, why not owls? And with my new sewing machine I was dying to use, along with my poor circulation, I thought why not owl hand warmers? So after ordering my custom fabric from Spoonflower and putting in some elbow grease, I crated these beauties! Oh and did I mention they are lavender scented?